Things, Ideas, People

I’ll add to this periodically, it’ll be a list of stuff its worth paying attention to.

In the mean time I’ll just leave this here:

XKCD, sublime engineering and human stick people

JWZ, wrote lots of Mosiac – eventually became Firefox. Has an amusing and interesting blog. Runs a goth/rave nightclub now.

Bunnie Huang, another interesting blog about having hardware made in China. Noted open source hardware designer.

Max’s ‘Little’ Robot Shop, amazing stuff. The man is making his own injection moulding machine amongst MANY other hardware and software projects. Makes most things from scratch and documents it. Amazing skills.

Dan Gelbart has an 18 part series on prototyping skills, processes, materials, and tools. Its HERE. I consider it compulsory watching for anyone building one off or low volume prototypes or instrumentation, its a goldmine.

I may embed it all at a later point.  Here they are:


^^^ THIS ^^^ is extremely dark. You have been warned. Also very well made.



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